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Endangered Burger

Background: Burger King has stood for flame-grilling since 1954. More and more fast food chains are frying their burgers on flat top grills. The amount of flame-grilled burgers made is decreasing in comparison. 


 Single-minded proposition: BECAUSE FIRE IS BETTER


Idea: Flame-grilled burgers are going extinct. They drive the ‘Save the Burger’ movement.


AD: Shinyee Seet       CW:Kyle Nutter




Challenging the status quo, Burger King declares flame-grilled burgers are endangered. They ask the World Wildlife Foundation for support and publicize their efforts to cryogenically freeze a Whopper. An article in the Onion reveals the tumultuous black market trade around flame-grilled burgers.


Burger King's flamed-grilled burger and a site to pledge appear on the search result when keywords such as "endangered species" are typed in. Once users pledged to save a burger, they will get a pin. 


Burger King proclaims that fire should never be put out by challenging social media users to blowout a relighting candle and then features the most entertaining/creative CGC on Burger King’s social media accounts.

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