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Sudan Tee

I created this tee shirt as a reminder for myself and maybe others. The color on the design only lasts a few washes and when it finally fades, it reveals the most important message for our transient existence on earth.


Back story:

The world's last male Northern White Rhino, Sudan left us just 4 days ago on March 20, 2018. Upon receiving this news, even though it is not thought as severe as what is going on in Syria, I felt a tug in my heart. The. World's. Last. White. Rhino.

Just take a moment and let it sink. I thought to myself: "what if the world's last South East Asian female is going extinct?" Long story short, we should really start conserving the mother earth who has been giving and loving us unconditionally or we are going to regret when she perishes because when she dies we all die. If we can love our human mothers why can't we love and protect the OG mother?




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